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Museum of Prehistory in Quinson

A journey through time

Musée de la Préhistoire de QuinsonThe Museum of Prehistory of the Gorges du Verdon was implanted in Quinson in the heart of the Regional Natural Park of Verdon, close to many major archaeological sites, legitimacy heritage of this place is extremely strong. The results of more than 50 years of archaeological excavations, some sixty sites, retracing nearly a million year history of Human Rights in Haute-Provence, are preserved and exhibited to the public.

The permanent exhibition traces this long history, often in a spectacular fashion, entertainment, but also scientifically rigorous. Indeed, is a scientific council expanded that brought together all the data necessary for this achievement.

The Museum of Prehistory of the Gorges du Verdon aims to take on three main tasks:
Keep the archaeological heritage of Provence;
Participate in archaeological research;
Returning to the public the result of these excavations and studies;

It is integrated in a concept from prehistory to Quinson, with a guided tour of a major archaeological site, the cave of the Baume Good trail and its thematic and a reconstructed prehistoric village on the edge of Verdon.

A cultural heritage to preserve

Mammouth au Musée de la PréhistoireThe excavation of a sixty archaeological sites in the Verdon, for over 50 years, has delivered a large quantity of archaeological and scientific data essential to the knowledge of prehistoric populations of Provence. Based on these collections on their heritage and science, that the realization of a museum of prehistory in the Gorges du Verdon was possible. They are the focal point for all activities developed by the museum exhibitions, research, entertainment, etc..

Beyond the primary function and obvious conservation of an exceptional heritage, archaeological reserves are also open to researchers. Indeed, these collections are a source of scientific information inexhaustible, the need to periodically update depending on the evolution of science.

A concept of Prehistory

Homme préhistoriqueThe General Council of the Alpes de Haute-Provence and designers of the museum scientists have developed a "concept from prehistory to Quinson" articulated around three areas :

1. The prehistoric sites, where information is acquired.
The excavation of an archaeological site is a scientific act, which is the basis of all subsequent search operations. It is also the place where men have lived in prehistoric times, where we are closest to them. The visit of an archaeological site, commented by a scientist, is always a rewarding in terms of knowledge and emotion. For several years, the cave of the Baume Good to Quinson, has been visited by several thousand people.

2. A museum to conserve, restore and explore.
The museum will preserve and study the material from archaeological excavations, and return to the public the results of this research by permanent or temporary exhibitions, publishing books and other documents, audiovisual production, cycles conferences, animations...

3. A prehistoric village to live prehistory.
To complement the visit archaeological sites and museum, a prehistoric village has been re-au bord du Verdon, in order to live prehistory. In this space habitats of various eras (from 1.8 million years to the Bronze Age) have been constructed according to data from excavations. In this village, the museum hosts cut the flint, producing fire without matches, and this is an opportunity for visitors to launch the assegai the propeller, pulling the Neolithic arc, making shaped ceramics, jewelry mount and return gestures of our prehistoric ancestors.

Musée de Préhistoire des Gorges du Verdon
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