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The Montagnette

A hill 6 km long

La MontagnetteThe Montagnette a hill is an area of 6 000 hectares. A quarter of the Montagnette is on the town Barbentane but it is on the town Boulbon that it has its highest point, to 167 meters above sea level, "Mount Raous" near the abbey of Saint - Michel-de-Frigolet.
The Montagnette is located ten kilometers from Avignon, between Barbentane and Tarascon.

It is a fragrant landscape that awaits you at the Montagnette, a landscape scented with thyme or the farigoule, savory or fennel... The tree you'll see most is the Aleppo pine, a tree that can reach 20 meters high, but the silhouette tortured, the thick bark and cracked.

You will also find olive trees, of course, but also green oaks, pistachios, hawthorn, jasmine, wild rosemary and garances ... The whole Mediterranean flora seems to have given appointments on this hill, so dear to Frederic Mistral, who was student at Saint Michel de Frigolet.

Abbaye de Frigolet depuis la MontagnetteBut Montagnette is also a fragile landscape. If they can be accessed easily, it is trying to organize a hike from the abbey of Saint Michel de Frigolet or Barbentane, yet aware that acccès is prohibited from 1 July to mid - September, and more generally in case of fire hazard, or when the wind exceeds 40 km / h.

On the eastern part of the Montagnette, on the town of Graveson, you discover the oppidum of the Roque. This facility, which dates from the sixth century BC, remains remarkable for its age. It is likely that the Montagnette served as a camp for 10 000 of the General Roman legionnaires Marius waiting hard alighting from Cimbes and Teutons who were heading to Rome in the year 105 BC. J.-C.. But long before him, the Carthaginian Hannibal and its 300 elephants were moved there after crossing the Rhone in the late summer 218 BC. J.-C. to move toward the eternal city. That may be why, since the Montagnette serves as a breath of oxygen to the many tourists who come for scents of Provence.

Pictures of the Montagnette

La Montagnette Flore méditerranéenne Des sous bois odorants La Montagnette dans le dommaine de l'abbaye de Frigolet Pin d'Alep Vallée dans la Montagnette

Around the Montagnette

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