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The capital of the Comtat Venaissin

Blason de CarpentrasLocated in the department of Vaucluse, front of the Mont Ventoux and the Dentelles de Montmirail, the city of Carpentras is the capital of the Comtat Venaissin, a former county which also includes the towns of Cavaillon and Vaison-la-Romaine.

The Comtat Venaissin is known for its beautiful landscapes but despite its important tourist attraction, he kept a specific character, thanks to low industrialization of the region.

The products of Carpentras

TruffesAt the heart of Provence, Carpentras is known to be a city market where already five centuries before Jesus Christ, the Greeks came to buy number of local produce and local crafts. At the primary gave the truffle markets of Carpentras a solid reputation as the Popes in Avignon were supplying them. Nowadays, the market stands still truffles every Friday morning, November 27 (day of the Fair St. Siffrein) until the end of March. The market is very typical, but a little mysterious, where truffles change hands with the greatest discretion. You will find the same atmosphere of secrecy and perhaps mistrust on the other markets with truffles from Provence, such as that of Aups.

Other famous product of Carpentras, a delicacy based syrup created for a pope named Bertrand de Got. It is precisely the name of the pope who, through transformations succesives, gave this name now famous : the berlingot.

Finally, we can not discuss Carpentras without mentioning the famous "strawberry of Carpentras." Whether the Ciflorette, Gariguette or Pajaro, they are the first French strawberries to appear on our markets. Fans are fans because they have undeniable qualities taste.

Tourism in Carpentras

Carpentras, fontaine en centre villeAncient City, nestled in the heart of Provence, Carpentras is a very beautiful city and has a large number of monuments of great architectural interest. This partrimoine has earned Carpentras be classified "City of Art and History." The efforts of elected officials and people constantly contribute to beautify the city.

Among the most beautiful monuments of Carpentras, best known include :

- The Porte Orange, one of the most famous of the city wall remains of missing today. His aliasing and its machicoulis encorbellement to show that the city had an impressive defense system.
l'Hotel-Dieu de Carpentras- The Hotel-Dieu, built by Bishop of Inguimbert, bishop of Carpentras from 1735 to 1757, with an imposing central staircase and enriched with a superb collection of donatifs (Tables thanking a benefactor). The heart of the Hotel-Dieu remains his "pharmacy" of the 18th century, decorated with beautiful earthenware pots and painted panels.
- The Cathédrale Saint-Siffrein, built between 1405 and 1520, a Gothic architecture, has an interior decorated with beautiful wrought iron grills, tables Duplessis and Mignard, but also an exceptional group of statues by the sculptor Jacques Bernus.
- The Palais de Justice, formerly Episcopal Palace, the 17th century, has a splendid Italianate facade. The interior decorations based murals or carved wooden panels are simply exceptional.
- The Synagogue (14th century) whose worship hall offers a magnificent ensemble recalls that Jews were protected by the popes.
- The Library Inguimbertine, classified library, bequeathed to Carpentras by Bishop of Inguimbert, rich 76000 printed volumes and manuscripts 3000.

The name of the Comtat Venaissin comes from Venasque, its first capital, which succeeded Carpentras in 1320. His neighbours, Avignon and Orange, respectively, formed a Comtat (county) and a separate principality.

Pictures of Carpentras

La Fontaine de l'Ange La Porte d'Orange Cathédrale Saint Siffrein

Around Carpentras

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