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Paul Signac

The founder of Pointillisme

Paul SignacPaul Signac (11 November 1863, 15 August 1935) is a landscape french painter, born and died in Paris who gives birth to pointillism with the painter Seurat. He also developed the technique of Divisionism.

Son of shopkeepers, Signac began painting in 1882 in Montmartre, and is formed only under the influence of the Impressionists.
At its beginning, Signac painted especially the views of Asnières, where his family resides and where he furnished a boat. Signac has two passions, painting and shipping. He also painted views of Montmartre and studied women. His painting is very influenced by Monet, he painted a distinct touches, very colorful.

In 1884, Signac presents its first work at the "Salon of Independent Artists", where he met Georges Seurat, with whom he will make friends and found the group "Impressionists scientists said." Signac painted by small strokes, dotted by juxtaposition of pure colors. The mixture is not on the range but in the eye of the viewer. In painting on the Seine, to Asnières, he met Van Gogh.

Port de Saint TropezFrom August to October 1887, Signac settled in the South of France. He bought a new boat and spent the summer of 1888 on the north coast of Brittany, then the following year on the Mediterranean coast where he visited Cassis and visits to Van Gogh who was interned in Arles.

On 29 March 1890, Seurat died at thirty-one years. Signac is in shock, therefore he left Paris to go surfing on the coast of Brittany. Then he left Britain for Saint-Tropez in 1892 where he settled part of the year, with his wife and mother whose portrait he will. He also painted many landscapes.

Signac is characterized by the fact that parallelism between music and painting up to appoint his paintings "The trawlers returned ... Larghetto, and so on."

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