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Aix en Provence

Historical capital of Provence

Aix en ProvenceThis is the 15th century that Aix en Provence really takes off. King René, Count of Provence, Duke of Anjou, enlightened, transforming the city into a famous cultural center and university and organizes major festivals such as "God Day" which lasted several days and attended by hundreds of troubadours.

He was so beloved that when he died in Aix-en-Provence on July 10, 1480. The Provence wanted to keep the remains of the good King René their land in Provence, but the Angevins did not intended that way. The latter organized at night, the leak of the deceased by hiding in a barrel. Once placed on a boat, it went away quietly on the Rhone. The body of King Rene arrived in Anjou and was buried with honor and devotion in the cathedral of Angers.

In 1501, Louis XII prepares the Parliament of Aix Provence which lasted until the Revolution. The Parliament was so unpopular that has emerged saying: "Parliament, mistral and Durance are the three scourges of Provence.

Aix en Provence, ville moderneFor many of us, Aix en Provence is well on the city which witnessed the birth and death Paul Cezanne (1839-1906). It was at college Bourbon was born in Aix that the deep friendship between Cezanne and Emile Zola. The city has recently devoted an exhibition to celebrate the centenary of his death. This exhibition, which ended in September 2006, has attracted an exceptional number of visitors, proof that the painter is still recognized by the general public. During your visit to Aix en Provence, be sure to visit the workshop of Lauves (purchased by Cezanne few years before his death), Careers Bibémus where he was going "painted on the ground" and the Jas de Bouffan ( family house).

By visiting the downtown, you can also walk on the footsteps of Zola ": the writer was inspired by Aix to describe the famous city of Plassans in the Rougon-Macquarts.

Aix en Provence is today a city that blends history and future technological particular with ITER at Cadarache (community Pays d'Aix), the TGV Aix, the science of Arbois and Rousset .. . Aix has many universities (Letters, Economy, Science Po, Arts and Crafts, Beaux Arts ....)

Pictures of Aix en Provence

Aix en Provence Un café d'Aix Aix Fontaine à Aix en Provence Rue de Aix Place et restaurants Architecture Fontaine Magasin Façade fleurie Ex-voto Tourisme

The Granet Museum

After five years of construction, after fifteen years of preparation, after an international exhibition (Cezanne and Provence), the Granet Museum presents itself in all its brilliance: a renovated museum, a museum if lointainement buried in the memories and reserves that he surprised many. Here, among the regional museums in France and Europe, a jewel...

In its new configuration, Granet is a museum open to the city because the building, with gardens of Malta and Granet, integrates the heart of the historic district Mazarin. It is a place open to the public Pays d'Aix because it was the very essence of this project to give everyone the heritage of all. But it is still a place open to the world, as shown in the exhibition Cezanne in Provence and show future major international exhibitions ahead at a rate of one every three years.

Musée Granet - Place Saint Jean de Malte - 13100 Aix-en-Provence
Tel. : 04 42 52 88 32 -

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