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Wines of Provence

Wines red or rosé, as an aperitif or an entire meal !

Vignes en ProvenceThe vineyards of Provence extends around Nice, east until delta of the Rhone. The immense size of this vineyard can of course meet terroirs, and therefore productions, very differentiated.

To better respond to the legitimate expectations of fans increasingly numerous, Provencal wine growers provide a constant effort and production of Provence wine, red or pinkish, is improving year on year.

In the nineteenth century, after the terrible epidemic of phylloxera which decimated the french vineyard, the vines gradually left the hills of Provence to penetrate into the valleys with varietals an inferior quality, but more intensive production. The quality of production, however, remained in many areas and it won the Provence to be one of the first areas to get an appellation controlled.

Although the production of red wine is improving steadily and encounter more and more public support is undoubtedly for its production of rosé that Provence is the most famous. Two-thirds of its production therein.

List of AOC

AOC Cotes de Provence : on 18 000 hectares, covering mainly from Toulon to Frejus and up Draguignan, representing 80% of the production of wines from Provence

AOC Bandol : 1000 hectares Around Bandol

AOC Baux de Provence

AOC Bellet : 45 hectares sur Nice

AOC Cassis : 200 hectares entre Marseille et La Ciotat

AOC Côteaux d'Aix en Provence.

AOC Côteaux de Pierrevert : Around Forcalquier, de Manosque et de Quinson.

AOC Côteaux Varois : Around Brignoles.

AOC Palette : 15 hectares à l'est d'Aix-en-Provence.

The rosé from Provence have often had the reputation of being "small wine", vary greatly in quality. It should be noted, however, the work done in recent years in some areas, including the latest, to increase considerably the quality and consistency to win.

The rosé from Provence, to drink with fragrant dishes from the kitchen of Provence, you leave a taste in the mouth light and fruity.

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