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Wines of Bandol

One of the oldest AOC de France

Vins de BandolThe A.O.C. Bandol (Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée) date of 1941, and is one of the oldest. It enshrines the quality of a product but also the courage and talent of winemakers.

The people of Bandol were able to build a vineyard hand man, the "terraces" (dry stone terraces) to retain the land on the upper coast. And after the disaster of phylloxera, they dared to replant, choosing the right variety, Mourvèdre just too bad ailleurset who made their success.

Limiting Production :

The Bandol will never sell in large masses. The vineyard is strictly delimited by the appellation: Good slopes of 8 common in North Oeust of Bandol. Better: it is forbidden to exceed 40 hectolitres per hectare. Better still, the wine itself more limited, since the average is 35 hectolitres. For this, they sacrifice, each spring, a good part of the clusters are still green. Why? For all the saps are concentrated in little clusters. Thus, there is a great wine to mature.

The Mourvèdre :

The Mourvèdre, grape black late maturity, is hardly planted in France. But here, he met the terrain and climate ideals, which give him time to be at his best at the end of the season. He is, above all, making the "personality" of Bandol. Also requires there be a minimum of 50% Mourvèdre for the reds of the appellation.

From generation to generation...

The winemaker Bandol is the inheritor of a great know-how, gradually accumulated by workers of the land to both scholars and enthusiasts. What applies today, are not just technical, they were ultra-modern is how to use them. Thus it would never vendangera the machine ... unless we invented a day machines with hands. In any season, detail by detail, he submits all its shares to a requirement: to obtain the maximum quality. And he knows how. That is his legacy.

It is to share with the most authentic amateurs, the secret of aging wine Bandol, that the tenants of the Appellation created in 1942 Vintage Festival which takes place in the city Sunday from 1 December. It comes from afar to celebrate with pomp and good humour birth of white wines, rosé or red.

Crédit texte : Brochure publicitaire "Le Cahier du Tourisme Varois" de l'UDOTSI

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