The Ubayette a small river east of the French Alps, about twenty kilometers, the main tributary of the Ubaye.
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Ubaye Valley

The north of Provence

Paysage de la vallée de l'UbayeThe Ubaye valley, the Valéia familiarly known by its inhabitants, is located at the eastern end of the Alpes de Haute-Provence, between the Hautes-Alpes in the north, the Alpes-Maritimes south and Italy to the East.

Historically, it also marks the boundary between the Dauphiné and Provence, part of the latter.

The main town of the Ubaye valley is the sub-prefecture Barcelonnette. Let another city that has its importance in the economy of the valley, the ski resort of Pra Loup.

L'UbayeThe Ubaye valley gets its name from the eponymous river which crosses. The Ubaye was born in the French-Italian border, Col du Longet (2655m), dans le massif of Mount Viso, and is about 80 km.

The river then North-East to South-West to the town of Jausiers, where she then turned to the West to the confluence with the Durance, the level of Lake Serre Poncon, the largest lakes de Provence.

Its main tributary is the Ubayette which takes its source in Lake Lauzanier.

Un village dans la vallée de l'UbayeHis regime is nivo-storm with high waters in late spring and an upsurge in autumn and low water in summer and especially in winter. The valley has many torrents permanent or casual. The main rivers are the permanent torrent of Sagnes (also called torrent of Abriès), the torrent of Earth Plaine, Riou Bourdoux and the torrent of Abéous.

A snowmelt or during summer storms, torrents like Faucon Sanières or take life, sometimes causing extensive damage: the carriageway of the D900 has been heavily damaged a few years ago during a thunderstorm by the torrent of Faucon.

L'extrêmité de la valléeThe Ubaye valley has a number of lakes, some artificial, as the water of Jausiers or restraint Pra Loup, other natural including the Plaine de Terre Lake, Lake Nine Colors, Sagnes Lake or Lake Lauzet-Ubaye at the entrance to the valley.

Also note that the Ubaye valley is not linear, but has several branches, and that traditionally, it is also divided into three sections: Lower Valley Lauzet to Barcelonnette (771 to 1150 meters), the Mid Valley Barcelonnette to Jausiers (around 1200/1300 meters), then Upper Valley to the source (from 1200 up to 2650 meters Jausiers the source).

Les Demoiselles CoifféesAmong the attractions of the Ubaye valley include the Demoiselles Coiffées, friable stone columns supporting original Jurassic granite stones. According to the legend: "Les demoiselles de Théüs, known at that time for their beauty, is left to go one last dance, an evening ball, with their large flat hats on their heads. But while the twelfth stroke midnight sounded a church Théüs and they danced in the Vallon de Vallauria, a howling figea the evil forever. "
A marked trail you will find the site, the starting point located at the foot of the village.

The Valley of the Ubaye is part of the borough of Barcelonnette, and has two districts: that of Barcelonnette and that of Le Lauzet-Ubaye. Today, the valley lives mainly in tourism, it is winter or summer. The sale of local products is also important. Tourism is born primarily of the construction of the dam and lake Serre Poncon in 1960.

Villages in the Ubaye Valley

Barcelonnette - Jausiers - Pra Loup

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