Dans les Bouches du Rhône, l'accès aux espaces naturels est réglementé jusqu'au 30 septembre.
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Montagne Sainte Victoire

Nearly Aix en Provence, the mountain of Paul Cézanne

La Montagne Sainte VictoireThe Montagne Sainte Victoire is a limestone mountain stretching over 18 km between the Bouches du Rhone and Var. Its highest point is Pic of the Flies, which rises to 1011 metres altitude.

Originally named de la Mountain of the Victoire, she was sanctified in the Middle Ages by Christians to become the Sainte-Venture. A chapel has been built at its summit in the thirteenth century. It was not until the seventeenth century that the mountain took its current name of Montagne Sainte Victoire for some reason still unclear. Some believe it was franciser the name of Provence.

The Croix de Provence is a remarkable mass of the Sainte Victoire : high of 19 metres, she was raised not the culmination but on a peak which, by its form, stands out even more massive than the peak of Flies. It was built in 1875, but it seems that already four other crosses were erected at that location since the sixteenth century. The first of which without doubt been the work of a sailor who, while he was in distress, had vowed to build a cross at the top of the mountain emerged that the first encounter. The cross was restored in 1875 for the first time in 1982, then in 2004, or the whole of the former base has been replaced by a panel of reinforced concrete color near the stone, forming a bench device where you can see Provencal landscape of 360 degrees.

In 1989, a huge fire engulfed the south face of Mount Sainte Victoire on 5 000 hectares. Many plantations have been made to reforest, but the vegetation was very small, including conifers. Now, access to the mountain is largely prohibited during the summer.

La Sainte Victoire depuis BeaureceuilThe year 2000 saw the creation of Great Site Sainte-Victoire, departmental Joint union label "Grand Site of France" for the enhancement and protection of natural environment and cultural development in a territory of nearly 34 500 hectares of which a site of 6 525 hectares.

Nearly 700 000 people annually travel the paths of Mount Sainte Victoire. During periods of free access, this rocky area is a popular field for hiking, climbing, paragliding and more modestly for caving.

Another point of interest, the Sainte Victoire mountain hosts several deposits of dinosaur eggs world famous including the Great Roques-Hautes/Les-Shadow located on the town Beaurecueil.

Mount Sainte Victoire has attracted many artists, most famous among them is without doubt Paul Cézanne, whose multiple representations of the mountain are known everywhere throughout the world.

Mount Sainte Victoire is inseparable from Aix en Provence, this so beautiful city of Provence..

Pictures of Montagne Sainte Victoire

La montagne Sainte Victoire depuis la route La montagne Sainte Victoire depuis Beaureceuil Les vignes au pied de la montagne Sainte Victoire Depuis la route de Saint Antonin La Croix de Provence, sur la montagne Sainte Victoire La montagne Sainte Victoire depuis Pourrières

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