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The low Gorges du Verdon

Blason QuinsonLocated in the department of Alpes de Haute-Provence (PACA region), the village of Quinson (Pinson, Provençal) north east overhung by the Valensole plateau, while in southern stretches before him a valley close ending in the lower Gorges du Verdon.

The region is inhabited Quinson from the earliest ages of man, and archaeological discoveries have been sufficiently numerous to justify the creation in the village of a Museum of Prehistory, recent, very modern and very well documented.

Built on the heights earlier in a defensive reasons, the village is now built on the edge of the valley since the end of the fifteenth century. From this village, there are still an important part of walls, which included at that time two doors and seven towers.

Quinson is the ideal starting point for a visit low Gorges du Verdon, whether electric boat or canoe. With just a little perseverance, you déboucherez after a shipment pleasant, peaceful and enchanting on the amount of Esparron de Verdon. The area around the village you will also, if you are adept at climbing, a few hours exciting.

Quinson, a small village at the gates of the Alpes de Haute Provence, then meets alone sport, the pleasure of discovery or hiking, but also a cultural activity dynamic and exciting.

>>See here a special page on the Museum of Prehistory in Quinson

Pictures of Quinson

Quinson : porte des Basses Gorges du Verdon Quinson, village des Alpes de Haute Provence L'entrée des basses gorges du Verdon Promenade en bateau électrique Les basses gorges du Verdon tourisme vert

Around Quinson

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