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The Mont Ventoux

The Giant of Provence

Le Mont Ventoux, panorama au sommetThe Mont Ventoux, "the Giant of Provence", is a massive summit of Baronnies which culminates at 1912 metres. Located 20 km as the crow flies from Carpentras, it is far enough away from other summits in the region to appear higher than it is actually. But at its peak, temperatures reached, even when we discover a breathtaking panorama across the Alps, the Mediterranean Sea, the Camargue and the lower Rhone Valley in the direction of Avignon, the Cevennes, the Massif Central and even Notre-Dame-de-la-Garde, in Marseille, in clear weather.

Observatoire météo sur le Mont VentouxThe Mont Ventoux end with the Dentelles de Montmirail chain Baronnies. This mountain is composed of limestone urgoniens whitish mass, lower Cretaceous age, and very clear, hence the impression of a snow-covered summit. Filed by UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in 1990, the Mont Ventoux this flora diversity rare, shared between the Mediterranean species and many species Alpine (larch, fir, cedar ...). At the top, subjected to extreme climate, there is even a species found in Arctic region. There are many protected species, some very rare, did meet on the Ventoux. Quite naturally, to preserve the environment, picking plants, even unprotected, is prohibited on the Mont Ventoux.

The Massif du Ventoux participates with Mountain Lure and Monts de Vaucluse, to feed La Fontaine de Vaucluse (France resurgence of the first and fifth World).

For many of us, the Mont Ventoux also represents a step expected of the Tour de France ! The Tour de France offers regularly climb the summit, famous for the steepness of the climb as much heat as it did in July. The peloton crossed for the first time on Ventoux in 1951 during the stage Montpellier-Avignon. Charly Gaul in 1958, Raymond Poulidor in 1965, in 1970 Eddy Merckx, Bernard Thévenet in 1972, Marco Pantani in 2000 and Richard Virenque in 2002 there are illustrated.

Different routes are available to climb the most emblematic borrowed just by the Tour de France, on the road from Bédoin and its 22 km and 1610 metres altitude in a heat toride. The Masterséries is another test, a challenge held annually in late June or early July.

Other place of interest for sports, on the northern slopes of Mont Ventoux, at the foot of Mont Serein peaking at 1445 m, there is a ski resort installed since the 1930s (Alpine: 12 km, Nordic: 7 km) Hotel and a restaurant. The station has managed to diversify its activities by offering leisure summer as riding, mountain biking, rope bridge, climbing a tree, an introduction to astronomy, and so on.

Finally, we must warn the hikers that the Mont Ventoux has two great hiking trails GR 91 and the GR 91b.

Frederic Mistral in 1859 climbed night at the summit of Mont Ventoux to attend the sunrise at the top. He reported about this event in these terms: "We saw the sun emerge as a great king of glory, between the peaks of dazzling snow-covered Alps."

Pictures of Mont Ventoux

Le Mont Ventoux Au sommet du mont Ventoux Le versant sud du mont Ventoux

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