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The Port of Provence

Blason MarseilleMarseilles (or Marseille in French) is the capital of the region Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur. The city is bordered by the Mediterranean and the mountains L'Etoile and Garlaban (the latter made famous by Marcel Pagnol's "Memories of Childhood"). Marseilles is the second largest city in France but it is the third town after Lyon.

Marseille is also the first port of France and home to one of the most titled club football french, "Olympique de Marseille". It is nicknamed "the Phocean City", since it was founded around 600 BC by Greek sailors from Phocaea in Asia Minor under the name of Massalia, making it the oldest urban settlement in France.

La Bonne MèreNearly half the municipal area is not in a natural territory for building and then spread Marseille on a vast territory, it is also the fourth municipality of metropolitan France on its surface. This makes it also one of the least dense cities in France. Because of its size, Marseilles is 2.5 times bigger than Paris or 5 times greater than Lyon. We must not go for example least 21 kilometres to join Callelongue since Estaque, two districts of the city.

The foundation of Marseille, which dates back to 600 BC, is the result of Greeks from Phocaea (now extinct town located in Asia Minor). The Phocéens were quickly located and built a city resolutely turned towards the sea and trade. Thus, throughout the long history of Marseilles, is the trade (and traders) who decide the fate of the city: wars, peace and alliances.

The city grew around the old Greek port, which became "Old Port", particularly during the second half of the nineteenth century. Indeed, it has experienced at that time an important development, spurred by the growth of trade to the new french colonial empire: Algeria, the Levant and the Far East

The "Cité Radieuse"

La Cité Radieuse à MarseilleThe housing unit in Marseille, also known as the City radiant, is a residence in the form of bar on stilts (shaped legs flared appearance brutaliste) where Le Corbusier sought to apply its principles architecture for a new kind of city, a vertical village. This village is composed of 360 apartments in the duplex separated by internal streets.

Built between 1945 and 1952 and located near the boulevard Michelet of Marseilles, this bar is one of five housing units built by Le Corbusier during his career. Mainly composed of housing, it also includes in its central floors of offices and various business services (groceries, bakery, coffee, Hotel, Restaurant, specialized library, etc.).. The roof terrace, free access to the public, the unit is occupied by public facilities: a kindergarten, a gymnasium, an athletics track, a small pool and an outdoor auditorium.

The innovation was that this particular construction has resulted in the affublée see the nickname "the house of fada" by some inhabitants of Marseilles. Today classified a historical monument, Cité Radieuse is increasingly visited by tourists and its housing have a new attraction with a population of executives and professionals.

Pictures of Marseille

Marseille - la corniche Marseille - corniche 2 Marseille - cours Estienne d'Orves Paul Signac - Entrée du port de Marseille Gare Saint Charles Marseille - 1820 Marseille Stade Vélodrome L'Estaque Marseille - port Notre Dame de la Garde Le vieux port - Pont Transbordeur

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