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Le Thor

At the heart of the Land of Sorgues

Blason de Le Thor, qui reprend la légendeLe Thor is a quiet village on the banks of the Sorgue, in the heart of the Monts du Vaucluse. Some trace the origin of the name Le Thor to a legend: a bull, guided by a star, reportedly scratched the earth with its hooves and unearthed a statue of the Virgin was buried. The emperor Charlemagne, warned this miracle, ordered to build a church at that specific location: the Church of Le Thor, Notre Dame du Lac.

The less sensitive to the beautiful legends, however, look for an origin of the name more prosaic. Le Thor is a derivative of Thouzon, a hill and a fortified monastery, which formed during the Middle Ages a safe refuge for people.

Le Thor, porte Notre Dame et campanileLong, Le Thor was surrounded by vineyards and became a major centre sales chasselas, but the difficulties of the farming world have dramatically reduced farmland and the city of Le Thor now trying to make the best use of its geographical location. Indeed, in the heart of a triangle formed by Avignon, Carpentras and Cavaillon, Thor is close to major economic centers of Vaucluse.

But its proximity to cities such as L'Isle sur la Sorgue also provides an important tourist, very interested in his heritage. Indeed, the city comtadine no shortage of remains of interest, beginning with the church of Notre Dame du Lac, twelfth-century Romanesque church steeple octagonal.

Château de ThouzonA few steps from the city, the Castle Priory Thouzon is a medieval architectural ensemble, which occupies an area of 1600 m². Registered at the additional inventory of historical monuments, this book is the subject of a programme of development under the leadership of the Association for the site Thouzon.

The city gate, the door Notre Dame, is pierced in the imposing ramparts and topped by a massive tower, a tower decorated with a clock, and topped by the campanile dear to Provence.

Notre Dame du LacBut the heritage of Le Thor are these beautiful old houses, "campaigns" hidden after long aisles followers. You will discover and "The Planquette", "Collet Campaign" or the "Domaine de Longchamps."

Finally, in the gardens of the town hall, you discover two statues representing Moliere and Corneille. These statues you will probably think of the statues sitting in front of the theatre in Avignon... and for good reason ! Le Thor has two originals of these statues, which the city of Avignon, because they wear, preferred replaced by copies.

LINK >>> 3 km from Le Thor, visit the cave of Thouzon and its extraordinary stalactites sixty million years!

Near Le Thor

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