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The real scent of Provence

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LavandePlante of the same family as savory, sage, rosemary or thyme, "a" lavender is actually a plant of its kind "lavandula" and nearly 30 species scattered throughout the world.
The culture of "lavender fine" or "true lavender" is a French particularity. It is the distillation of this plant that will draw on the essential oil.
The lavender is a sterile hybrid of lavender fine. More than half of the cultures of lavandin are on the Valensole plateau, near the Lake St. Croix.

Products from the lavender:

The essential oil : used in perfumery and a fine aromacologie. It is also utilsée for its stimulating and relaxing qualities, or its disinfectant properties (against insect bites, for example).

The floral water : one that gives the toilet waters, it recognizes the virtues and softening décongestionnantes. It is used also to scent gently bathing or water washing detergents.

Candles : or broadcasters, lamp oil, scented sachets ... You drag a bag in your cupboard, and you find the scents of your travels in Provence.

The drinks, cakes : more and more popular, lavender syrup, creams or lavender.

And then, quite simply, some lavender plants in your garden. You can admire the colors varied, subtle fragrance breathe, and you also éloignerez insects!

Cooking with lavender

LavandeThe lavender syrup :

1 / 2 litre of water, 1kg of sugar, 20g of fine lavender, 1 or 2 dried petals of ibiscus. Boil water and sugar 1 / 2 hour. Add lavender fine and simmer for 10 minutes. Let brewing. When the sitop is still hot, add the petals of ibiscus. When the colour you like, let refoiridr, then fitlrer and put in bottle with a sprig of lavender for decoration. Keep cool.

The lavender cream :

4personnes, ready to 45mn
Boil 50cl milk with 2 tablespoons of fresh lavender.
Let brewing. Filter and warm
Beat 6 egg yolks with 100 grams of sugar, add milk.
Pour into 4 ramekins and putting 30mn (180 degrees) in a bain marie.
Serve cold.

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