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A small town in the Ubaye valley

JausiersJausiers, second place in the valley of the Ubaye number of inhabitants, occupies a strategic location. It is indeed at the intersection of three routes: one from Italy (by the neck Larche), from Dauphiné (via the Col de Vars) and the road to Nice (via the Col de la Bonette) , Not counting the D900, route to the Haute-Provence. It is the boundary between the Upper Valley and the Mid Valley. The town itself is situated on the D900, at the foot of the rocky promontory that bears his belfry.

Jausiers has a concentric organization around the church, the town hall and a single pedestrian street with the main shops. It is crossed by the Ubaye and several streams flowing into it on the territory of the commune. As the torrent of Abriès, more commonly known as the Torrent Sagnes, the torrent of Terre Plaine or the torrent of Sanières.

Château des MagnansThe village is at the foot of two mountains: Pointe Fine (about 2551 meters) and Cuguret (about 3000 meters.
A little farther on the road to Restefond is the Cross of the Alpe, Gerbier (recognisable by his summit square), Empeloutier (summit rounded) and Jas of Chamois (summit vaguely rectangular).

In Jausiers you can admire the Magnans Castle, a mansion built in the nineteenth century, an architecture quite crazy and surprising in these places, inspired by the castle of Neuschwanstein, in Bavaria. Today, the castle is transformed into a tourist residence.

Finally, a visit to Jausiers, Abriès Mill, a water mill reconstituted in running, where you can even sell flour!

Pictures of Jausiers

Clocher de Jausiers Rue de Jausiers La Pointe Fine

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