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The Lerins Islands

Some islands in front of Cannes

Iles de LérinsLérins islands are located opposite the town of Cannes, to which they belong administratively. They form an archipelago composed of the island of Sainte-Marguerite (the biggest), Ile Saint-Honorat (owned by a monastery), and islets of the Tradelière and Saint-Ferréol, both uninhabited.

Île Sainte-Marguerite

Île Sainte MargueriteThe island of Sainte-Marguerite is a little more than a kilometre from the continent, it stretches from west to east over a distance of 3 km, and its width is 900 m away. There are beautiful wood eucalyptus, the oldest in Europe, and pine. The majority of the island is covered by forest, an area protected state-owned, and is the second most visited forest in France.
In addition to this beautiful forest, you'll no doubt be keen to visit Fort Sainte-Marguerite. Built by Richelieu, it has been strengthened by Vauban and served as a state prison. It now welcomes the Sea Museum, with collections of underwater archaeology.
But its tourist attraction has also just what one can visit the cell of the Iron Mask. In 1687, Fort Sainte-Marguerite receives the famous prisoner... which undoubtedly bore a simple mask velvet. The identity of the prisoner was never established, and legends, assumptions, or very serious work of historians have described alternately a brother of Louis XIV of adultery, a secretary of the Duke of Mantua, an accomplice of the empoisonneuse the Brinvilliers, Fouquet, a spy Italian, etc.. The Iron Mask died in 1703 at the Bastille, and his identity is very probably permanently lost.

To reach the island of Sainte-Marguerite
Information and Ticketing
Port of Cannes, quai Laubeuf
TEL: 04 92 98 71 31

Île Saint-Honorat

Ile Saint HonoratThe Ile Saint-Honorat is the farthest from the coast and the smaller of the two islands. Long 1 500 m wide, 400 m, it presents a low coast less welcoming than the island of Sainte-Marguerite, which it is separated by a narrow channel said: "Middle plateau." It is wooded with pine trees and beautiful maritime pine trees.
The Ile Saint-Honorat perpetuates the memory of Honorat d'Arles (Saint Honorat). At the end of the fourth century, Saint Honorat, seeking solitude, fixed in one of two islands "Lerinas" but his retirement is known and the disciples come. Résigné, the saint who founded a monastery will count among the most famous and most powerful of Christendom. Today, the island is still the property of monks.
To the south of the island, you will discover a fortress, built in 1073 to protect monks brash pirates. From the fifteenth century until 1788, the religious lived there on a permanent basis and underwent numerous attacks. From the platform, topped with battlements and machicolations, located at the top of the old dungeon, the view extends over the Lérins Islands and along the coast, the Esterel to Cape d'Antibes and back - plan, the Alps.
The monastery today attracts many pilgrims or reprocessors. In the garden of the cloister are grouped fragments lapidary Roman and Christian found on the island. The old cloister, whose walls date back to part of the seventh century and barrel vaults of the tenth century, is one of the oldest of its kind in the West. The gallery is open by a door open hanger bass, house vaulted warheads, and backed the South Gallery, another room of the same style that serves as a refectory to the monks. The canvas at the bottom of the coin depicts the Last Supper was executed in 1900 by Pita.

To reach the island Saint Honorat
TEL: 04 92 98 71 38
Quai des islands - port of Cannes - The direction by Bocca seafront opposite the hotel sofitel.

Notre Dame de Lérins Abbey
Ile St Honorat BP 157 06406 Cannes cedex
TEL : 04 92 99 54 00
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Monastère fortifié à Saint Honorat Chapelle à Saint Honorat La côte à Sainte Marguerite

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