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Gorges du Verdon

Vertiginous cliffs

Les gorges du VerdonAbout Verdon gorges, Giono said: "This is far more than it is elsewhere."
In the limestone plateaux de Haute Provence, the emerald river has dug a canyon 50 miles in some places reaching a depth of 700 metres. The steep cliffs are pierced by caves with evocative names: Baume the Steers, Baume the Swallows, Baume the Pigeons...

The Grand Canyon really begins after the bridge Tusset. Recognized as the highest canyon in Europe, it receives each year tribute amazed and dazzled by thousands of tourists.
Along some of the gorges, trails Martel or Vidal for example, opens up exciting prospects for hiking, but certain portions of these trails are a mythical extreme difficulty, and are sometimes even dangerous. Do you agree with the equipment and training necessary, and always with a guide.

Carte des gorges du VerdonThe Martel trail takes its name from Edouard Martel, spéléologue who was charged in August 1905, to explore the bottom of the canyon to study hydroelectric Verdon.

The alternative, more peaceful, enjoy the Gorges du Verdon is to take the route of the road or peaks of the Corniche Sublime. By car, you can follow the Gorges du Verdon taking the time to stop in places equipped to help you admire the Point Sublime, the Narrow Baou Blessed or the balcony of the Mescla (the confluence Verdon-Artuby ) ...
From the viewpoint of Galetas, at the south end of Grand Canyon of Verdon gorges , you will enjoy a more splendid view of Verdon resulting finally in Lake St. Croix.

Pictures ofs Verdon gorges

Gorges du Verdon Dans le Grand Canyon du Verdon Balade en bateau dans les gorges du Verdon Un paysage vertigineux Plongeon et baignade dans les eaux turquoise Basses gorges du Verdon

Villages in Verdon gorges

La Palud sur Verdon - Rougon - Aiguines - Moustiers Sainte Marie - Castellane - Trigance

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Lac de Sainte Croix - Sainte Croix de Verdon - Esparron de Verdon - Quinson - Artignosc - Baudinard - Bauduen - Aups - Les Salles sur Verdon- Villecroze - Draguignan - Musée de la Préhistoire de Quinson

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