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Colmars les Alpes

In the valley of the High Verdon

Colmars les AlpesColmars the Alps, in the valley of the High Verdon, is a beautiful mountain village. The old wall is still standing, and in excellent condition. Doors (Porte de Savoie, Porte de France) face of forts built by Vauban. To the north Fort de Savoie and south Fort de France, recalled that the city was a strategic position when France and Savoie disputed valley.

Each of these forts is accessible by paths protected so-called "caponnières." Napoleon stayed in the Alps before Colmars its campaign of Italy, and to meet its marshals Soult and Desaix, he gave their names to Fort de France and Fort de Savoie.

Colmars les Alpes is surrounded by a landscape where blend harmoniously with the Alpine and Mediterranean influences. Not far from the city, go to admire about twenty minutes walk the cascade of La Lance. Note also in Colmars les Alpes, the church of Saint Martin. Rebuilt after a fire in 1672, it nevertheless retains a side gate dating back to 1530.

The Verdon flows along the village, but there is little visible. Around Colmars les Alpes, forests mountainside you will be an opportunity for hiking or winter, you enjoy the pleasures of cross-country skiing.

Starting from Colmars, a road winds toward the Col des Champs for you to Ratery 1700. You'll find a chalet overlooking the valley of the High Verdon and his casket summits: the mountain of Autapie, Rochecline, the Pic de l'Encombrette ... From there you can travel a pleasant mountain bike, or engage magnificent hiking. In winter, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing will be the program because Ratery Nordic area is a complete, the trails are under larch and snow always excellent quality.

Pictures of Colmars les Alpes

Colmars les Alpes (04) Porte de Savoie Fontaine Colmars les Alpes - Eglise Saint Martin Chemin de ronde Fort de France - Colmars les Alpes Le Verdon à Colmars les Alpes Fort construit par Vauban Cascade de la Lance

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