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Castle Tarascon

An impressive castle

Château de TarasconTarascon Castle, built on the banks of the Rhone, is imposing a sentry, whose enormous tower rises to 48 metres. It is surrounded by a moat south and east and the north wall of the "yard" replaces a portion of wall destroyed in the late eighteenth century.

On entering the castle of Tarascon by a bridge composed of three arches spanning the moat. In the past, the last part of this bridge was in fact a drawbridge. After the gatehouse, one reaches a ramp that allowed riders to win the "yard" without having to disassemble..

Cour d'honneur du châteauThe court of honour at the castle offers a surpise size. Indeed, after the massive and threatening aspect of the castle, this court has lace stones, arcades engineered, mullioned windows that give great elegance and a lot of levity to the work. The central position of this court allows him to give access to the room feasts, the south-west tower and the chapel singers in the southern wing, the lower chapel and a portion of the ambulatory in the east wing. In this court stands a spiral staircase which provides quick access to all floors and under which lies an ancient well-tank. Also in the courtyard, there are busts of King René, Duke of Anjou, and Jeanne de Laval, but they are in very poor condition.

Voutes en croisée d'ogivesThe floors have rooms of all sizes, some of which have coffered ceilings and magnificent in excellent condition, or a remarkable ceilings cross warheads. The rooms bear inscriptions that will help you identify them. However, we can regret the absence of furniture to complement the very strong impression that we feel.

You then enter the huge terrace of the castle, which overlooks a breathtaking panorama. You admire just across the Rhone fortress Beaucaire and southerly you see Arles and Abbey Montmajour.
In good weather, you will even see the Mont Ventoux in the east.

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Pictures of Tarascon Castle

Le château de Tarascon depuis le Rhône Déambulatoire Gargouilles Tour et remparts Escalier à vis, dans la cour d'honneur du château de Tarascon Le Rhône depuis le château de Tarascon Pont d'entrée du château

Around the Tarascon Castle

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