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The Calanques

The Calanques of the Mediterranean

Les calanques de Cassis - timbre posteA "calanque" is a particular geological formation in the form of a narrow valley and deep edges steep, partly submerged by the sea

In a limestone resistant or in the granite rock, the calanques composed of many landscapes of the Mediterranean coast. The water is cooler because many streams flowing into the sea under its surface, by an underground network which collects runoff from the mountains.

The calanques are a particular ecosystem. The land is almost non-existent, limestone cliffs extended by boulders are calanquered many holes and cracks in which anchored the roots of plants. The climate is arid, most of the moisture from evaporation navy and rainy fall and winter, strong but separated by long bouts of drought and not benefiting only very partially the cause of vegetation runoff.

Note the Cosquer cave, located above sea level, inside a cliff of the inlet of Morgiou. Its entrance is - 37 m deep, a long hose back to the cave.

Calanques de SormiouThe calanques throughout the year attract many tourists and hikers through the wide choice of paths hung between the sea and reliefs tortuous. Many sites are equipped escalation since the 1970's, and the GR 51 through most of the creeks of Provence.

The calanques of Marseille-Cassis are sometimes closed to the public, including the summer, when fire risks are high. It is preferable before going to ask the NFB.

Many ancient wrecks lying on the shoals of creeks of the Estérel, necessary, dangerous for boats of the era, Mediterranean trade routes.
The massive Calanques extends over 20 km long and 4 miles wide between Marseille and Cassis, it culminates at Marseilleveyre (432 m) and Mont Puget (565 m).

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