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Marcel Pagnol

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Marcel PagnolOn 28 February 1895, in Aubagne, was born Marcel Pagnol. He is the son of a schoolteacher, Joseph Pagnol, and Augustine, born Lansot, a woman of fragile constitution.

Marcel Pagnol grew up in Marseilles, in the schoolyard Carthusian where his father was appointed as early as 1900. But the landscape of his childhood, that glorify it in "The Glory of my father" or "Castle of my mother" is the wild and fragrant hills of the village of La Treille, where he spends his holidays, in the "Bastide Neuve", rented by his parents with Uncle Jules.

In December 1914, Marcel is incorporated in Nice in the 163rd Infantry Regiment, but as of January 1915, it is reformed to weak constitution and demobilized. In 1916, March 2, he married Simone Colin, in Marseilles and the same year (November), he obtained his degree in Letters.

Topaze, interprêté par FernandelAfter teaching for some time in the province, Marcel Pagnol arrives in Paris in 1922, it is now coach at high school Condorcet.

Marcel Pagnol wrote two plays, before the creation of "Topaz" Theatre of Variety (1928) provides no real success. The next year will see the creation of another great success: "Marius", which will be brought to the screen two years later by Alexander Korda.

Two other films will be made by other filmmakers (Topaz by Louis Gasnier and Fanny by Marc Allégret) before Marcel Pagnol did decide to go himself behind the camera. In the years 1934 to 1940 that arise masterpieces as Angèle, Topaze, Regain, Cesar, The Baker's wife...

Le Château de la Buzine, avant restaurationIn 1941, one of its acquisitions Marcel Pagnol shock: it has indeed buy the castle of the Buzine, in which he recognizes the "Castle of my mother," the terrors family tells it in his Memories of Childhood .

In 1945, four years after her divorce from Simone Collin, he remarries with Jacqueline Bouvier, who will perform the title role in "Manon des Sources".

In 1947, Marcel Pagnol will be received at the French Academy. Imagine the pride of Joseph, public school teacher, to see his son and spent! Joseph died in 1951, and this mourning will be followed in 1954 by that of a girls Marcel : Estelle.

In 1957 begin the publication of "Memories of Childhood", the first book "The Glory of my father" will be quickly followed by the second volume "The Castle of my mother." The next volume "Time of Secrets" will be published in 1959.

Pagnol - Jean de Florette, affiche du film1962 will see the publication of a work strong, intense, dramatic: "The water hills" composed of "Jean de Florette" and "Manon des Sources".

This deeply tragic history will be an adaptation to film by Claude Berri in 1986. Emmanuelle Béart, Yves Montand, Daniel Auteuil and Gérard Depardieu will share the spotlight two powerful films, and very respectful of the book by Marcel Pagnol.

In 1974, April 18, Marcel Pagnol died in Paris.
In 1977 is published his latest book of memories "The time for love."

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