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Nobel Prize for literature, founder of Félibrige

Frédéric Mistral

Frederic Mistral was born on September 8, 1830 to Maillane in Provence. After spending his bachelor's degree in Nimes, he studied law at Aix-en-Provence from 1848 to 1851, and became the champion of the independence of Provence and especially the language of Provence "the first literary language of civilized Europe ".

It then takes the resolution "be observed, in Provence to revive the sense of race" and "to move this renaissance by restoring the natural language and history of the country." For Frederic Mistral, the word race means a "people linked by language, rooted in a country and in a story.

Statue de Frédéric Mistral à ArlesReturning to Maillane, he founded with six other poets Provencal the Félibrige, which has helped greatly promote the "langue d'oc". The seven "primadié", founders of Félibrige are Jóusè Roumaniho, Frederi Mistral, Teoudor Aubanèl, Ansèume Matiéu, Jouan Brunet, Adòufe Tavan and Pau Giera. The Felibrige is still a major cultural organizations in the "Pays d'Oc" - South of France. It is also one of only present in the 36 departments of langue d'oc. Placed under the patronage of St. Estelle, this movement will host poets Catalan driven from Spain by Isabelle II.

For his work, Frederic Mistral rehabilitates Provencal language in bringing the highest peaks of the epic: the quality of this work will focus on the highest price. He starts work in a monk for a dictionary and, like a troubadour, writing lyrics. Mistral write Lou Tresor dóu Felibrige, which remains to this day the dictionary the richest of the Occitan language, and one of the most reliable for the precision of the senses.

His work is vital Mirèio (Mireille), published in 1859 after eight years of creative effort. Mirèio tells the love of Vincent and Mireille, a beautiful Provence. Charles Gounod, in fact, an opera in 1863.

Frederic Mistral receive the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1904 jointly with Jose Echegaray. He will devote the amount of the award to the creation of the Museon Arlaten in Arles.

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