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Allos - Val d'Allos

The sources of Verdon - Valley High Verdon

blason AllosIt is at the foot of the Col d'Allos, which forms the stream that will eventually widen the Gorges du Verdon. All the Val d'Allos is crossed by this small river that sometimes swell summer storms or snowmelt in the spring.

The charming village of Allos will welcome you in summer for hiking on average mountain, walking through forests of larch, or to practice swimming, mini-golf, tennis and many other activities in its Leisure Park.
In this typical mountain village, you admire the roofs of the cottages larch that recall the unique environment of the valley altitude Valley High Verdon, heated by the sun of Provence. The village is situated at 1400 metres altitude, but the ski area rises to 2500 metres. You along the cable car to climb VAL D'ALLOS 1500 - THE SEIGNUS. And by the way, you will reach VAL D'ALLOS 1800 - THE FOUX a few minutes.

Located in the peripheral area of the Mercantour Park, Allos enjoys an exceptional setting. Summer and winter, for hiking or hours of skiing, you undoubtedly will enjoy your stay in Allos

Pictures of Allos

Val d'Allos Rue principale à Allos Allos - Vue du Seignus Base de loisirs - Plan d'eau Val d'Allos 1400 Parc de Loisirs à Allos Allos - l'église Parapente à Allos

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